Digital Communication: Why Fashion Matters

Research / Photography / Social Media / Blogging / Twitter debates

Digital Campaign for the launch of a new book, Why Fashion Matters, across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blog & newsletter.

The brief: We wanted to create some excitement on the London College of Fashion (LCF) channels for the launch of Professor Frances Corner’s new book, Why Fashion Matters. As head of LCF, it was also important to Professor Corner that the campaign help explore the ideas and issues raised in the book and bring them to an online audience, as well as raise her profile.

The idea: The book consists of 101 reasons why fashion matters – perfect for an online campaign! So I developed a set of images, both created by myself and found in the college’s archives, to explore 30 of the 101 reasons. To accompany this were three tweet chats, which I planned and hosted. These explored the overarching themes of the book: fashion and the economy, fashion and the environment,  and fashion and society. These were then documented with a set of blog posts which drew out what we had discovered through the online debate.

Why Fashion Matters, London College of Fashion

What else? At the time LCF had not been using Instagram as much as its other social channels so we wanted to really boost followers there. Both an Instagram led campaign and the tweet chats were a new thing for LCF.

The campaign had to chime with LCF’s Better Lives theme, the name given to everything that the college does to connect fashion to the environment, community and ethical issues.

The campaign: We ran one image per day for a month to both build up to the launch of the book and keep interest high once it was available. They were full of variety and created a colourful response to the themes raised in the book.

The tweet chats were promoted online and in newsletters to make sure people would join in. I had researched topics, prepared ideas and questions, and liaised with Prof. Corner who was to be our special guest for each chat. Each one was scheduled at a one hour slot over the 30 days. All content was united under #whyfashionmatters.

The result: Three great online debates emerged, with students, alumni, staff and members of the public all joining in. We saw a huge surge in engagement and follows at the time of the tweet chats. LCF’s Instagram followers and likes also rose significantly.

The success of these campaigns proved great inspiration for the future of the LCF channels and for other organisations and groups within the college that wanted to meaningfully increase their online engagement. I later consulted on developing tweet chats with the LCF Careers team and the Centre for Sustainable Fashion.


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