I am an artist, photographer and writer with expertise in digital communication. Below you can find out more about the different things I do.

If you want images and text to come together beautifully to tell your story, I’d love to help you – email me or contact me using the form below. I’m looking for new creative opportunities.

See more on Twitter @Madeleine_Pearl, Instagram @madeleine_pearl and my blog.

Artist Statement

I create photographs, collages and paintings. I’m interested in memory, how images tell stories, and our connection to nature and a changing environment. My inspirations at the moment include blossom, natural textures, the body, forests, remembering, loss and growing up. Check out my work.

Wedding, Event & Campaign Photography

Coming from a documentary background (I studied an MA in Documentary Photography and Photojournalism at LCC), my photography aims to capture the emotions, interactions and atmosphere of your wedding day or special event.

If you are an organisation looking for images for your website or campaign, my professional background means I understand the whole digital picture so I can create just the right thing.

Check out my photography portfolio; read more about my wedding photography; and see more of my photography on my blog.

Digital Communication

As well as a background in digital communication and an expert knowledge of social media, blogging and SEO, I also bring an academic understanding to my work. I know how to create and manage a really effective and fun campaign, and I also know how to communicate complex and creative ideas to different audiences. Check out my communications portfolio.


I write about photography, visual culture and what it all might mean, as well as my own experiences as an artist. Check out my writing across the web and the writing on my blog for more.

Selected CV, Exhibitions & Publications