Exhibitions & Publications


2021, ‘You did this to yourself’ in Quetzal Stories of Change Exhibition, UK

2019, ‘You did this to yourself’ in Let’s Talk about Sexual Violence, University of Leicester, UK

2015, ‘V for’ in Media & Myth, WARM Festival, Sarajevo

2015, ‘V for’ in Media & Myth, Corn Exchange at Format Festival

2014, ‘V for’ in Media & Myth: Mass Media and the Vietnam War, Hundred Years Gallery as part of Photomonth

2011, ‘You did this to yourself’ in Neither Snake Nor Lizard, London College of Communication


2015, ‘Bodily visions of the war in Vietnam’, chapter in Mythologizing the Vietnam War: Visual Culture and Mediated Memory, eds. Good, J., Lardinois, B., Lowe, P., Williams, V., London: Cambridge Scholar Publishing.

Presentations and Conferences

November 2018, ‘Has Anyone Yet Seen a Photograph of Rape?’, International Conference of Photography and Theory 2018, Photographies and Conflict: Archiving and Consuming Images of Strife. Organisers: International Association of Photography and Theory. See: Conference program

February 2012, ‘Identifying with and against the Asian Female body: America’s Shifting Gender Narratives in Imagery & Memorial of the Vietnamese-American War’, Considering Vietnam at the Imperial War Museum. Organisers: War and Conflict Research Group, UAL Photography, the Archive Research Centre and London College of Communication.

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