Taking the disposable camera backstage…


I have an ongoing love affair with disposable cameras – the cheap kind with cardboard housing. I’ve used them for years to photograph my environment and things I see when walking around, but I wanted to see what would happen when I used them in the hectic and peopled world of the backstage of a catwalk show.

London College of Fashion, BA15 Catwalk. Madeleine Corcoran.

The beauty of the disposable for me is that they are so unassuming. Most people don’t notice you are taking a photograph when you use them, and even if they see the camera, they think it looks so simple and unprofessional that it must be meaningless. This means their reactions don’t change too much.

Also, of course, I love their limits: the grain, the faded or warped colours, the blurs and blocky depth. They are everything that an Instagram filter wishes it was.

London College of Fashion, BA15 Catwalk. Madeleine Corcoran.

The joy of handing in another disposable camera for processing – usually having forgotten what is actually on the film – is a fizzing, sherbert kind of excitement. When I pick up the prints, I consume them immediately –  standing in a Boots, or on an elevator into an underground station.

But it’s mainly all about the clicking – the little plastic shutter button just going click click click – consuming the world with my eyes.

It’s my way of connecting with the joy of making a photo.